Product Designer / Present

I am currently the product designer at Moone, an avatar-based dating app where you meet your perfect match. I joined the team in November 2019 pre-launch. In addition to design work, I’ve created advertising assets for Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Product Design

After creating your personalized avatar and taking our personality quiz, you enter Moone. Based on your personality type, we match you with compatible matches and surface content you might enjoy. 

While positioned as a dating app, Moone’s core experience is a feed, more similar to a social network. This gives users a new way to learn about future matches and a reason to stay in the app when they’re not messaging. Active users spend ~30 minutes on Moone, every day.

Moone leans on soft, intimate brand colors to compliment the kawaii aesthetic of the avatars. In exciting user moments (like a new match) we lean into full, colorful screens. Otherwise, we utilize a sparser white palate, allowing the avatars and UGC to shine through.

Brand & Marketing

Efficient paid acquisition campaigns have been critical to the growth of Moone. I led the creative direction and execution of our first social ads (Facebook & Instagram) that helped acquire the app’s first users. I then assisted in the development of a TikTok marketing campaign, which has helped grow the app since.