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Hi [potential employer’s name]!

[Project name / Company name] sounds really interesting. My schedule’s a bit booked up at the moment, but I think I can slot this in. [Current month] is always a bit busy haha. Let me check on one thing and get back to you.

A bit about me: I’m a [designer / filmmaker / writer] who truly loves [designing / filmmaking / writing] more than anything else in the world. I wake up every morning and can only ever think about one single thing: [design / film / writing].

You can check out some of my past work here. Sounds like my experience [designing at Facebook / directing a commercial for Pioneer Electronics / producing a feature film / investing at Dorm Room Fund] might be particularly relevant for this project.

The budget you mentioned on the phone sounds like the right ballpark. Do you think you could do [20% higher than what they proposed]? I think that’s fair based on the scope and timeline.