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Hello future roomie!!!

I’m interested in subletting your “COZY MODERN CLOSET FOR ARTISTS” in Bed-Stuy! It was posted 2 minutes ago — any chance it’s still available?

My name is Josh — I like watching Netflix, eating ice cream (sue me!! haha!), and cleaning dishes. God, nothing turns me on like the smell of some Dawn Gentle Clean Dish Soap. I would say I like to work hard, but also kick back and have a drink from time to time :))) I NEVER bring the party home (i wish!! haha!)

I’m a freelancer, but, don’t worry, that’s not code for no income. I’m a REAL freelancer who makes money! And during the months I don’t I always come through with enough rent! Like, the other day I was at a bodega with a friend and I didn’t have cash so he lent me money. That’s just one example of how I can come through when I don’t have money on hand.

My hobbies include playing guitar, learning French, reading, and passing credit checks. I love credit checks. Ohh I love credit checks so so much. I actually love them so much that maybe we shouldn’t do one. I wouldn’t want to overwhelm you with how much I love them. I don’t have a pet or a partner, but I’ve heard good things about both!

Thanks!! Let me know!